Our Services


Selftec Innovations Systems will develop any mobile application that you want

We will help you put your business in your customer’s pockets. With mobile application, you will be able to constantly interact with your clients 24/7.


Every affordable website designs that you can trust

All your web application solutions, Website for your company, Business, Church, Schools, etc at an affordable cost.

IT Consultation

We provide IT/Data consultancies to companies.

Contact us for innovative ideas on how to market your business online, rebranding, data collection techniques, Data Analysis, and general IT services.


We provide consultancy in the field of IT and Data Science solutions. General IT and project data collection and management planning.

Training Programs

We provide group or individual training on IT and Using ODK, RedCap, SurveyCTO, etc for data collection and analysis.

Web Application Development

We are reliable to provide you all kinds of web applications such as School Management System. Hospital Management Systems, Point of Sales Systems, etc

Graphic Designs

For your Graphic Designs solutions e.g Funeral Booklets and posters design, logo designs, Photography etc. contact us for help.

Geospatial Training and Data Collection

We can help carry out any project with regards to GIS, training on ARGIS, QGIS, etc, and designing beautiful maps for your projects.

Computer Hardware

Selftec has trained staff who can help you with your computer software and hardware solutions. computer repairs etc.